About Us

As a leading provider of handmade Leather and mesh hats, we take pride in offering our newest designs in different styles, colors and sizes.

When we are out doing our art shows,  We have people ask.. is that leather?

When we say yes,    they say..isn't that hot?

Our answer is  If your Standing in the Sun or Standing in the shade, where are you cooler?

Leather is 100% UV protection, Fabric and Straw Hats still let the sun through  So lets say 50% UV protection?

Your Body heat travels upward and gets trapped underneath an enclosed hat,  so you get hot and sweaty and want to take your hat off, and if you do that,  you don't have any protection

Leather puts you in the shade, our mesh lets your body heat out , So if the leather is Vented,  its cooler than standing in the sun.

If you have seen us at an Art Show.......My sign off is.....And that's HAT 101


One size does not fit all, so let us customize your

hat for you.

Measure all the way around your head just above eye brows and ears. Get exact inches (example 23 7/8 inches) to find your size.  We suggest using a string around your head (not something that stretches) and then measure the string against a measuring tape or yardstick.



We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.