Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my size of hat?

Measure your head with a string wrapped around your head to make a complete circle.  The string should go just above your ears and across the middle of your forehead.  Do not pull the string tight.  Then measure the string against a measuring tape or yardstick.,  Use the chart below to determine what size hat to order.

                            Small                                Medium                               Med/Large          

inches           21 to 21 1/2                 21 5/8 to 22 1/4                        22 5/8 to 23 1/8

                           Large                           X-Large                             XX-Large                  XXXL

inches          23 1/4 to 23 1/2            23 1/2 to 23 7/8                 24 1/8 to 24 1/2        24 5/8 to 25

When in doubt, ALWAYS order 1 size bigger.  Our unique sizing system (which we send you with each hat), allows you to make the hat fit tighter if it feels a little loose.  If it is too small it cannot be adjusted by you.


How do I keep my hat clean and looking good?

Suede hats  It is a good idea to use a suede brush often. It is especially good to use it after being out in the rain.  Wait for the hat to dry naturally (no heat source) then brush the hat.  It will bring up the nap of the suede and clean it as well.  For stubborn dirt you can use a nubuck suede bar.  And for ink marks or tougher spots try using fine sand paper in a circle motion.  But most important is to pull out the removable sweat band and rinse it out with a little soap under your faucet. Keeping your sweatband clean keeps sweat from transferring to your hat . . . . do this as often as you need.

Need a suede brush and nubuck suede bar?  You can order one from us with your hat order.


Distressed leather hats   If you have purchased one of our distressed leather hats you will love the ease of care.  For general cleaning simply wipe with a dry or damp cloth.  To condition the leather use a neutral leather cream designed to nourish and condition leather.



How do I shape my hat?

Many of our hats have Techno wire and it will be listed in the description of the hat.  If yours does then you can change the shape often to give your hat what we like to call "hattitude".  Shape your hat by pinching or rolling the edge of your hat (the Techno wire is located in the edge of the hat's brim).  You can aggressively shape your hat since the Techno wire will not kink and can be reshaped over and over again.  To flatten a wavy brim simply hold the brim's edge tightly between thumb and forefingers of both hands and run your fingers around the edge of brim.  Then reshape to your desired style.



How should I store my hat when not wearing it?

Storing your hat suspended in the shape you like is always recommended.  Place the hat on a stand that supports it from underneath.  Some ideas are a roll of paper towels or a water bottle or even an oatmeal box.  Use your imagination . . .  just don't store upside down or flat on it's brim.  And never leave it in high heat areas like the dashboard of your car or over a heat source.



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